Thursday, October 24, 2013

Catch-up (part 1)

I just want to start out by apologizing about my rant in the post before. I know that it has been a while since my latest post and I came back with not a fun or cute post. Steve has been having a very difficult time in trying to find a job in December, so we are trying to keep money as much as possible. I don't want to focus on the waves of live on this post though. My family and I have had some fun, enjoyable time as our little family of five. I would like to share those moments with you.
  ( I hope I still have readers out there.)
 I will break up  our events into parts. this first part I would like to talk about the past holiday seasons we were able to enjoy as a little family and with our extended family too. For Christmas we were able to stay home and enjoy all the fun just the five of us. We really enjoyed the time. We went to the Phillips Grandparents to spend time with them also, the kids love to see their Grandparents. Later we went to IF to visit my parents and spend some time with them, we really enjoyed the relaxation and fun in the snow. Here are my pictures of the fun we have had this past Christmas season. Hope you enjoy them!!
Daisy giving "Frosty" a kiss. She is so loving!
 Baby Jesus gets the special treatment; not only does he get the manager he also gets his manager on top of the hey bin.
 The whole crew
Going back home, they take everything and all go together! Thank you Daisy for the creative placement of our family nativity!
Waiting for Santa, we check out his cool reindeer.
A picture with Dasher. (Maybe?)
Hot chocolate
We're next!
Thinking about going to sit on Santa's lap with Mrs. Clause too!
Picture time with Santa and Mrs. Clause
Telling them what they want for Christmas!
Ethan opening one of his presents.
Daisy got her first tea set!
Ethan with his Captain America Shield!
Layla opening a gift from Santa!
Daisy with her new movie!
Ethan loves taking picture so Steve and I thought a new camera would be a great gift for him.
Layla loves to eat so she got lots of puffs.
 Our sweet girls enjoying their new gifts.
Having a tea party while watching Daisy's new princess movie!
Ethan got these costumes from Santa. He couldn't try on both of them at the same time so Daisy was nice enough to help him out!
Layla having fun with her new dog and TV remote!
Getting a cute picture of Layla for Grandpa Steve's Christmas presents.
Our traditional Christmas Tree for Jesus's birth!
Everyone got to blow out the candle on this tree and they loved it!
Spending some time at the Phillips' house on Christmas night.
Ethan going around giving everyone their presents.
Layla with Great Grandma Rector. Aren't they two cute ladies?!
Daisy opening a gift from Grandpa Steve and Grandma T.
Ethan loves his new Captain America action figure!
Daisy loves her Minnie mouse dress up toy!
Layla taking her turn to open a present from Grandma T and Grandpa Steve.
Ethan has his own body wash this year so he doesn't have to use all of mine!
Layla loves the paper more than the gift itself!
Now she's got her binky to keep her mouth company!
Time for snow fun!
Ethan in the sled
Daisy Trying to through a snow ball at me!
Ethan enjoying the cold and snowy weather!
Having fun in the playhouse at Grandma's house!
The door was stuck shut so Daisy found another way into the playhouse.
Daisy cleaning the back door with some clean, fresh snow!

Ethan's turn to clean the back door now too.
After fun in the snow, nothing say fun like a frozen go-gurt
 She is one of my little princesses! She is such a doll!! I love to do her hair like that, she looks so cute!!
My sleeping beauties! This was such a precious moment I had to capture it!
The next holiday that was a big deal for us was Independence day. We were able to see most of our Phillips cousins, but our WY cousins weren't able to make. The kids were a bit sad that they didn't get to see all their cousins that day, but I know they had a lot of fun with all that were able to make it. Daisy really loved playing in the water with her cousin Sadie and keeps talking about her all the time. Ethan just loved hanging out with Drew and really misses having him around to be wild and crazy with him. We were able to do tie die t-shirts for the girls, Daisy had to have her shirt like Sadie's and always wants to wear it. "I want to wear my 'Sadie' shirt, mom." Kids can be so funny and cute. I hope you enjoy the pictures of our summer holiday.
Just swinging while we get caught up on all the fun!
She is like her brother and sister, She loves to swing! 
 Nap time!
Layla found a napping buddy while sleeping on Grandma and Grandpa's bed. 
 Sleeping just like her Father!
 Sadie, Brinlee, and Daisy enjoying the pool with a little slide.
 Daisy is my water baby and loved to play in the pool!
 Daisy and Sadie getting ready to run and jump into the little pool.
 Note: Daisy is on the other side of Sadie
Ethan splashing in the pool. 
 Steve getting ready to test the slip-n-slide.
 Sadie helping Daisy on the Slip-n-slide.
Beckett wanting to know what Steve is doing. 
 Brinlee trying out the big slide into the pool.
 Running through the sprinkles.
 Steve and Sadie having a race down the slide.
 Beckett loved the cool sprinkler.
 What a funny guy!
 Daddy helping Layla get into the fun of the water activities!
 She was not too interested!
 Matt taking his turn down the slip-n-slide.
 Matt and Beckett taking a turn together.
Taking a little break from the water and enjoying the sun! 
 The adults enjoying the sun without having to get wet.
Catching up. 
 Matt helping Beckett go down the slide into the swimming pool.
 Brinlee getting ready to go down the big slide.
 Steve taking Layla down the slip-n-slide while racing Brinlee.
 Steve and Layla racing Sadie.
 Trying to catch their balance at the end.
 All tired out from the day of fun!
Drew getting his elastic gun out to shoot those that keep bothering him!
 The family and I have had a very enjoyable summer, but Ethan is really excited to be going to kindergarten this year. I'm not too excited to think that I have a child old enough to go to kindergarten! Daisy says she going to go to school with Ethan, but she's not going to even be doing preschool this year. I don't want to send both of my babies off to school right now and I want to spend some girlie time with my minnie me!